USPTO Trademark Fees Will Increase in 2021

USPTO Trademark Fees

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will increase trademark fees in 2021. Some filing fees will significantly increase, such as Section 8 (Declaration of Use for US trademark registrations), Section 71 (Declaration of Use for Madrid international trademark registrations), and TEAS Standard filings. So Applicants should consider submitting these filings as soon as possible, if applicable.

Some important USPTO trademark fee increases are listed below.

DescriptionNew 2021 FeesOld 2020 FeesFee Increase
TEAS Standard Application$350$275+$75
TTAB petition for cancellation filed via ESTTA$600$400+$200
TTAB notice for opposition filed via ESTTA$600$400+$200
Section 71 or Section 8 declaration filed via TEAS$225$125+$100

Details of USPTO trademark fee changes can be found at the USPTO webpage below.

USPTO trademark fee increases

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