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Protect your brands and inventions internationally with trademarks, patents, and copyrights. With offices on four continents, Minder Group can assist you with each step of the international application process, from technical translations to application filing to registration.

Minder Group’s staff includes USPTO registered attorneys, engineers, translators, and business consultants from top universities and law schools. Our professionals offer years of experience in international trademark law, trademark registration, patent law, and patent prosecution. Feel free to contact Minder Group if you wish to file applications for Madrid Protocol international trademarks, PCT international patent applications, US patents or trademarks, European Union trademarks (EUTM) or patents, SIPO China patents or trademarks, or other intellectual property worldwide.

Our services include international trademark registration, patent registration, copyright registration, translation, and related marketing services (such as Amazon Brand Registry and Google Adwords consultations) for many countries worldwide, including major markets such as the US, EU, China, etc.


In the US, only patent attorneys registered to practice before the USPTO can provide legal services and respond to patent Office Actions on behalf of represented patent applicants. You can read more about US patent lawyers here. Similarly, only qualified US attorneys can respond to trademark Office Actions on behalf of represented trademark applicants. Be sure to carefully review an attorney’s credentials before selecting your legal counsel.

Below is a short introductory video by the USPTO regarding trademarks and the trademark application process. Feel free to contact Minder Group if you have any questions about the trademark application process or patent application process.

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