Intellectual Property A trademark is an intellectual property (IP) right issued for a design, sign, and/or expression that helps identify the source of a product or service. As the name suggests, a trademark is an integral part of the corporate identity of a business. However, trademarks are also issued to individuals and other legal entities. Read more about Trademark[…]


Intellectual Property A copyright provides the creator with the exclusive right to reproduce their creative work, generally for a limited period of time. Such a work may be within the realm of performance art, visual arts, literary works, and other digital content. Essentially, a copyright protects the expression of an idea, though not the idea Read more about Copyright[…]

Design Patent / Industrial Design

Intellectual Property An industrial design intellectual property (IP) right provides protection to visual designs of objects that are not strictly functional in nature. The IP right applies to both three-dimensional and two-dimensional patterns. In some countries, industrial designs are protected by design patents. For example, a US design patent specifically protects the ornamental design of Read more about Design Patent / Industrial Design[…]